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Today I made stir-fried pumpkin for dinner, together with courgette, mushrooms and union. And a bit of salad with tomato and lettuce as a side dish. I think it is the first time I ever made dinner with vegetables without a traditional staple like potatoes or rice or pasta. At least stir-fried. Because I did make pumpkin before in the oven. Without potatoes or anything like that. Several times. Which was really nice. And I’ve made broccoli soup before, with cauliflower.

Also there is going to be another edition of Het Schimmengebied. Another special edition. It will be last one. The last special edition that is. For the coming time. I hope at least. Because I am not sure if I still can take it anymore. I’m afraid it is just becoming too much for me. All these special editions of my radio show. But sometimes life just leaves you no choice. And you have to do special editions of your radio show, weeks after weeks after weeks.
Luckily I will be joined by the lovely Nico again tonight. I think she will be able to pull me through this. Lets hope so. And let’s hope you will join us tonight. In this final special edition of Het Schimmengebied. From 23.00 till 1.00 on Radio Tonka, live through 92.0 FM in The Hague, and http://www.radiotonka.org throughout the universe.

PS: My Dutch is on holiday.

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