Frequencies of Ignorance

In a bit more than one hour from now Het Schimmengebied will take over your fields of consciousness through Radio Tonka on 92.0 FM and

Glimpses of Infinite Decline

O dear, it is time for Het Schimmengebied again tonight on Radio Tonka. Haunting your dreams with harrowing soundscapes of impending doom that looms over your shoulder while you watch yourself decompose in front of your bright electronic screen, longing to ease those deep cravings you cannot satisfy. From 23.00 till 0.00 CET via 92.0 FM in The Hague and

Soundscapes for a Brooding Storm

This evening Het Schimmengebied will be devoted to brooding drones, industrial noise, and other unpredictable soundscapes from Sun O))), Apocryphos, Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, You’ll Never Get to Heaven, and more. As always the show will be broadcast live on Radio Tonka from 23.00 till 0.00 CET via 92.0 FM in The Hague, and via

Grave music

For tonight we shall invite some ghostly spirits in Het Schimmengebied on Radio Tonka to echo some music from past times through the radio waves at 92.0 FM in The Hague and

Experimental moods tonight

I was planning to skip Het Schimmengebied again tonight, but then I figured I could make a setlist as an experimental mood board reflecting the underlying final composition of my written graduation thesis, using a curious collection of bleak ambient, doom jazz, and robotian electronics as test subjects.

Could it get any more conceptual? I don’t know. Tune in between 23.00 and 0.00 on htttp:// or 92.0 FM and find out for yourself. And who knows, maybe you even catch some swift keystrokes from me writing some last bits of my thesis live during the broadcast.

<<< Sista Lisa in Het Schimmengebied tonight >>>

As I am busy plotting against the established scientific order, tonight Sista Lisa will replace me on Radio Tonka with a fine selection of reggae and dub between 23.00 and 0.00!

SuBmarine Festival preview in Het Schimmengebied tonight

This evening in Het Schimmengebied I will give a fabulous sneak preview of what kind of music you might be able to expect during my set at the SuBmarine Festival, coming Saturday afternoon in The Hague. If, due to any kind of unfortunate cause, you won’t be able to listen to the show tonight, I will be playing at the SuBmarine festival coming Saturday from 17.30 till 18.30 in the ‘Periscope’ area. In anyway, I hope you will be able to receive some of my esoteric radiations of occult enlightenment, wherever you are.

As always, Het Schimmengebied will be from 23.00 till 0.00 tonight, live through 92.0 FM in The Hague and

Het Schimmengebied this evening, July 7th

O Lord, in less than an hour there will be a new edition of Het Schimmengebied on Radio Tonka again, and I have no clue yet what I will do this evening… do you?

[ [ [ [[|||-[:– Het Schimmengebied ]-[ Radio Tonka –:]-|||]] ] ] ]

Sometimes I wonder: have I become a shallow, boring and empty entity? Nothing more but a hollow shell of what I once intended to become? With nothing left inside of me but lost hopes and dreams echoing through my mind, like shadows from a flickering light bulb that is about to snap?

It sure does seem so when taking a look at my playlist for tonight, full with repetitive, industrial techno from the likes of Sandwell District, Blawan and SHXCXCHCXSH to flatten your emotions to a colourless, lifeless mass of pulsing noise.

Be sure to tune in if you want to glimpse into the noisy, grey darkness tonight that looms at the edge of your being, and is about to trench into your soul every moment you let our inner self slip away from becoming one again with the absolute source of universal creation and benevolent love that you once were destined to rejoin.

As usual, het Schimmengebied will be from 23.00 till 0.00 (CET) tonight on Radio Tonka, available through 92.0 FM on your radio receiver in The Hague, or by connecting to anywhere humanities globally reinforced, coded electromagnetic distortions can be received.

Fresh breaths of French electronics

Tonight from 23.00 till 1.00 I’m returning to some cold wave and ethereal sounds, and bring in some fresh breath of French electronics I’ve come across. So tune in to Radio Tonka on 92.0 FM or