Duistere Bardo @ Antilounge 36 Release Party in The Grey Space, The Hague

This Saturday Duistere Bardo will play live at the Antilounge 36 release party in The Grey Space in the Middle in The Hague. Duistere Bardo will perform a short live set of 20 minutes from 22:30–22:50, crossing between haunting West Coast house, dystopian electro, and industrial soundscapes, including elements of his new track Onderstroom on the new Antilounge release. If you want to see me live next to a whole selection of other cool underground artists from The Hague – including Kopa 101, Cosmox, Juxtapoison, Elif Soğuksu, OK SJON, Robber & Gizmotron, Black Hawaii, Zeynep Okta, The Reptilians, Reg Desard, Andre Miranda, Foresense, and Alkaloid – be sure to drop by in time!

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Antilounge 36 artwork

30 years Bunker Records Special in Het Schimmengebied tonight!

Next Friday is the 30th anniversary of Bunker Records celebration in the PIP in The Hague, where Duistere Bardo will perform next to a mountain of other artists.

Tonight, as a warm up to this joyous celebration, Het Schimmengebied will be dedicated to 30 years of Bunker Records, with only records from the stable of this notorious label from The Hague, carefully selected and mixed together by Duistere Bardo.

So tune in tonight from 23.00 to 00.00 to Radio Tonka via www.radiotonka.org and on the air on 92.0 FM in The Hague and surroundings.

Announcement poster with a black and white photo of an old bunker from the Second World War in the Scheveningen dunes with the announcement for a Bunker Records special in Het Schimmengebied tonight on Radio Tonka

Where are you?

O dear Lord, it’s time for Het Schimmengebied again on Radio Tonka in less than half an hour from now. Tune in to 92.0 FM in The Hague, or www.radiotonka.org from 23.00 till 0.00 CET to listen to Duistere Bardo’s 1337 mixing skills with 100% pure vinyl. Expect tunes from Amon Tobin, Astrobotnia, David Lynch and other eerie sounds from other dimensions and planes of existence.
psychedelic bright blue bridge at night

Hidden desires

Do we not all come forth from darkness? From the unknown, the abyss of existence? And do we not desire, even if only sometimes, to return to these dark, unknown origins?

And isn’t this why, at least those times that you think of it, you tune into Het Schimmengebied on Radio Tonka? Every first Thursday of the month from 23.00 till 0.00 at 92.0 FM (in The Hague) and www.radiotonka.org?

Tonight again! With a refined selection of electronic music, coming straight from the grooves of black vinyl records, carefully mixed live by yours truly, Duistere Bardo!

View over a railway in a small city, during a rainy, dark evening

Lost moments

Tonight, after my absence last month, there will be a new edition of Het Schimmengebied on Radio Tonka. This time I will dive into my record bag again, and sacrifice the grooves of a refined selection of old vinyl to the needles of the record players in the studio.

Don’t mis it! In a short moment from 23.00 till 0.00 at Radio Tonka via www.radiotonka.org (and 92.0 FM in The Hague)!

Birds in the clouds in black and white

Dutch American Friendship

Tonight it is time for the next edition of Het Schimmengebied on Radio Tonka. This time the show will form a prelude to the upcoming performance of Duistere Bardo this coming Saturday, September 4 at the ‘Onze Ambassade’ Festival in The Hague.

Tune in tonight from 23.00 till 0.00 CET at www.radiotonka.org (or 92.0 FM in The Hague) and listen live to tonight’s show, filled with live electronic music and poetic improvisations by yours truly!

More information on the festival this weekend (including ticket information): Onze Ambassade Festival #3

President Bush:  Meeting with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands


Phantasms linger in the hidden corners of our minds, while we cherish the desire for escape from the hellish vortex we are collapsing into, failure after failure, attempt after attempt to embrace the light that is fading in front of us. Not sure whether it is dying out, or moving away from us in a free fall into darkness.

Tonight you can embrace the darkness that surrounds you, as the night passes over with a new edition of Het Schimmengebied with Duistere Bardo on Radio Tonka. From 23.00 till 0.00 CET on www.radiotonka.org and through 92.0 FM transmitting in the ethereal realms The Hague.


In less than an hour the next edition of Het Schimmengebied will start on Radio Tonka. Expect industrialized sounds and chaotic rhythms brought to you live by Duistere Bardo, unpredictable as always!

Tune in this Thursday night from 23.00 till 0.00 CET on www.radiotonka.org or 92.0 FM in The Hague to not miss out!

Eroded concrete wall from the second world war

The Eternal Return

After months, Duistere Bardo returns from reality back to ‘Het Schimmengebied’ on Radio Tonka to accompany the last shimmering rays of the sun with nocturnal sounds of the shadow world.

So tune in tonight from 23.00 till 0.00 to 92.0 FM in The Hague, or www.radiotonka.org elsewhere, and let yourself be embraced by the nightly frequencies of ‘Het Schimmengebied’.