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Industrial soundscapes

Tonka tonight again from 23.00 till 0.00, so tune in via or 92.0 FM in The Hague to cleanse your dreaded spirit with some dark brooding industrial soundscapes and rhythms.

Storm sounds

Some stormy techno and other electrifying bursts of sound tonight in already the second edition of Het Schimmengebied in 2018. As always via 92.0 FM in The Hague and elsewhere in the universe, tonight from 0.00 till 1.00 CET.

Cold, somber darkness

Tonight in Het Schimmengebied I will go back to some cold wave with somber goth overtones to accommodate these dark solemn nights of autumn. From 23.00 till 0.00 CET, as always on Radio Tonka via 92.0 FM (for the blessed few living in the regions of The Hague) and Enjoy.

Moral Facades

I just uploaded a ‘new’ dj mix to SoundCloud (and MixCloud) that I recorded as a ‘teaser’ for the GOGBOT Festival 2015, but for some reason never uploaded. Until now. I decided to give it a new fancy title to reflect the spirit of our time a bit more. Tracklist: 01 – Astrobotnia – Sweden…

Smooth decay into darkness

Tonight will be in the mood of some smooth deep house tracks from Crème Organization, Caustic Window, The Exaltics and other exciting labels and producers from the spectrum of Western contemporary electronic music. Be sure to tune into Radio Tonka tonight from 23.00 till 0.00 CET on 92.0 FM or and not miss out…

Thursdays Tonka

The Thursday evening program of Radio Tonka seems routinely troubled by dark, unknown forces as of late. But fear not, work is being finalized by our crew on rebuilding a more robust schedule for the future of the Thursday evening program. But for tonight, yours truly Duistere Bardo is here to save the night, yet…

Casual evening music night

Tune in to Het Schimmengebied on Radio Tonka tonight at 92.0 FM in The Hague or for some casual evening music from 0.00 till ∞.

Radio Tonka, again…

23.00-0.00 CET – 92.0FM @ 52°5′N 4°19′E +

Special edition of Het Schimmengebied

Tonight’s edition of Het Schimmengebied will take place from 0.00 till (at least) 2.00 CET, switching with Big Fatzo’s Slagveld to replace Obscuriosa for the night. Tune in to Radio Tonka via 92.0 FM or for this special show tonight, and enjoy the soothing reflections on troubling times this night.

Radio Show

There is this radio show called ‘Het Schimmengebied’ which I host on Radio Tonka from 23.00 till 0.00 every first and third Thursday of the month and broadcast live on 92.0 FM in The Hague and on the internet via