Darkest Night of the Year

From 0.00 till 1.00 tonight you can expect a selection of nocturnal electronic music in Het Schimmengebied from my ever evolving collection, to honor this darkest night of the year, and celebrate Yalda / Winter Solstice this night.

Tune in to 92.0 FM in the area of The Hague, or else go to http://www.radiotonka.org to listen live from 0.00 till 1.00 (or download later).

If for some unfortunate reason you fall asleep before 0.00, or for whatever other reason might miss my show tonight, don’t despair however! As this weekend I will be playing at the Dystopia / Panzerkreuz for the selected few (you should know when and where, but if you have the impression you have been unfairly left out, don’t hesitate to contact me for details).

That’s it for now.

Have a beautiful transition to the New Year!

Yours truly,
Duistere Bardo

Koude duisternis

Vanavond in Het Schimmengebied zal ik weer terugkeren naar een selectie cold wave met hier en daar sombere gothic ondertonen, ter vergezelling van deze eenzame donkere herfstdagen.

Ditmaal wederom van 23.00 tot 0.00, zoals altijd op Radio Tonka via 92.0 FM (in de regionen van Den Haag) en www.radiotonka.org.

Morele Façades

I just uploaded a ‘new’ dj mix to SoundCloud (and MixCloud) that I recorded as a ‘teaser’ for the GOGBOT Festival 2015, but for some reason never uploaded. Until now. I decided to give it a new fancy title to reflect the spirit of our time a bit more.


01 – Astrobotnia – Sweden
02 – Aphex Twin – XMAS EVET10 (Thanaton3 mix)
03 – The Raw Interpreter – I Need Some
04 – Cylobotnia – Elektro Works
05 – La Peste – Fuga6t
06 – Eight Frozen Modules – Sanctified Citizen (So_You_Want_Breaks_Huh)
07 – Harry Axt – Riffler
08 – Maximilian Skiba – Randez-Vous (Zimmermann’s Raumsabotage Mix)
09 – Acid Mercenaries – Untitled (Panzerkreuz 1003-2 C1)
10 – Westside Box Savants – Just Your Ol’ House Beat
11 – The Mover – Nightflight (Nonstop To Kaos)
12 – Yør – Lack Of Beeing
13 – Go Hiyama – C (Reeko Remix)
14 – Yør – Torn


Tonight’s darkness

Tonight I shall present another edition of Het Schimmengebied on Radio Tonka from 23.00 till 0.00 CET. Tune in on 92.0 FM in The Hague, or www.radiotonka.org if you don’t have the privilege to live within the reach of our FM broadcaster. This edition shall be darker than Steve Bannon’s blackened soul.

Do Electronic Sheep Dream of Digital Shepherds?

Another night filled with psychotic industrial acid techno straight from the underground realms of The Hague and other worldly places.

Tune in to Radio Tonka at 92.0 FM and http://www.radiotonka.org from 23.00 till 0.00 CET, and let the grinding synthesizers clean your mind so you can start fresh again tomorrow in the world of the rising machines.